Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Al Muqarram Industry in UAE, is a leading manufacturer of quality sealants, tapes and aerosol sprays for construction industry. Our sealants have excellent adhesive property and excellent weather resistance capacity. We manufacture low VOC emitting, green certified, non- hazardous and environmental friendly sealants. Sealants are also available in different packaging like cartridges, sausages and buckets.


Construction Industry Sealants:

Dolphin Duct Acrylic Sealant
Dolphin Acryseal Acrylic Sealant

Construction Industry Adhesives:

Dolphin Contact Adhesive
Dolphin PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

Construction Industry Coatings:

Dolphin Duct Canvas Coating 30-36
Dolphin Duct Canvas Coating 30-36 Anti-Fungal

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