Dolphin AQUAFIX Acrylic Membrane

DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF is special synthetic resin based waterproof coating. Because of its excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature is an ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.


- Waterproofing for roofs.
- Vapor barrier coating for walls and floor.
- Waterproofing for roofs ranging from asphalt, asbestos cement, to concrete and terrazzo tiles.
- Recommended for both horizontal and inclined Structure.
- Can be applied not only to concrete but also to wood and metal surface.
- Waterproofing membrane for flat roofing systems (Traditional and Inversed)

Application instruction


Asphalt surfaces: Old asphalt surfaces and asphalt roofing felt after cleaning must be primed with DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF diluted with 20% water. This would strengthen the weathered surfaces. Blisters in asphalt roofing felt must be cut open cross wise, dried and bonded with suitable adhesive. After complete drying of the primer and bonded areas, DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF applied with brush, roller or spray gun. A brush with horse hair bristles will provide almost texture-free, smooth surfaces. For spraying, DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF may be diluted with a little water. Higher dilution would lead to sedimentation and blocking0 of spray gun. 

Terrazzo Tile Roofs: Damaged or washed-out joints should be cleaned and repaired or re-grouted. After thorough cleaning to remove all loose material, prime the entire surface with 20% diluted DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF. After the primer coat is completely dried, then make two coats of DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF previously described. 

Flat roofs with zero pitch: Flat roofs without pitch, so-called zero pitch roofs, are roof surfaces where puddles may develop and which therefore pose special problems. Puddles after curing cannot be rectified which may necessitate redoing the entire waterproofing. Hence dry weather condition is a prerequisite to help satisfactory curing and puddle free coating. Broom with hard bristles (example of stiff plastic) should naturally not be used for cleaning since in unfavorable conditions they may cause damage to the coating. 

Metal Roofs: 1st) Iron or galvanized iron: remove loose paint with a wire brush. De-rust corroded areas and prime with suitable metal primers. 2nd) Zinc or aluminum: remove loose paint with a wire brush. Remove corrosion if present and prime with solvent primer. Thoroughly remove moss and mildew with wire brush; subsequently clean the surface with a broom. After thorough drying of the primer, application of DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF carried out as previously mentioned. 

Concrete Roofs: After cleaning the roof surfaces, prime with 20% water diluted DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF. After complete drying of the primer, proceed as described under asphalt roof surfaces to apply DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF. 

Standard procedures to be followed for cleaning, the substrate and primer coat application. After complete drying of the primer coat, give two coats of DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF at the rate of 0.850 kg. per sq. mtr. making a total of 1.5 to 2 kg. per sq. mtr. including the primer. Curing for 48 hours is adequate at normal temperatures. However at low temperature conditions curing time to be extended accordingly and ensure complete curing before laying thermal insulation and mechanical protection.

100% closed cellular structured, jointed extruded polystyrene panels are placed over the DOLPHIN AQUAFIX WATERPROOF continuous waterproof membrane. The thickness to be determined by the degree of insulation required.

Storage and Shelf life

Store away from sunlight and preferably below 30°C. Storage should be frost protected. DOLPHIN Aquafix Waterproof has 12 months shelf life if stored in required conditions.


Application Video

DOLPHIN Aquafix Waterproof is available in 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket and 20 kg bucket.

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